Calling it down for the Grateful Dead

This post is actually a tribute to Donna Jean Godchaux of the Grateful Dead.

I try not to listen to Row Jimmy too much, because I don’t want to get sick of it. Last Sunday, I was in just the right mood, and listened to a rendition from 1974.

Her voice. How old must she have been, 25-30, to be calling it down like that, embodying the Goddess! Her sweetness, mingled with Garcia’s heartbreaking voice is just incredible. I always expect to hear it, and miss it, whenever I’m listening to favorite songs where she is absent.

Anyway, thank you, Ms. Godchaux, for all the love, joy and healing! xo

The photo is of Donna in 1974, courtesy of Bill Magee. Isn’t she so sensual and passionate! Isn’t Bill so nice for lending me the photo?


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