There’s a new politics on the rising

A friend of mine recently posted that while he understands the reason for the women’s marches last weekend, he feels it’s not going to change a thing. To him, voices have spoken – that’s all.

To that I say baby steps!

Back when Funk was running for mayor we both saw firsthand that there was a New Politics on the horizon. He was a “nobody” politician back then, supported mainly by the regular folks. Which means, he slipped in under the radar with that election. And while the establishment made sure he wasn’t re-elected, he was on the forefront of change that is carrying forward.

It’s what you are seeing today. American’s have gone from sheer apathy regarding their government to doing something!

I have faith that the grassroots rising that Funk and I foresaw is taking hold, but it won’t be easy going.

Change is ugly, and it’s surely hard. Because it remains inherently true – you can’t go around a problem. You gotta wade through a whole lot of muck to reach the beauty that’s waiting on the other side.

Those of us who are part of the shift that’s occurring in our country have a responsibility to show how change can be done with respect. We are Americans. Let’s continue to show the world – our brethren, c’mon, we are all related – what tough pioneers we still are!

The photo: When we were in New Orleans for New Years my son took us to a little neighborhood tavern. It was my kind of place. It was old as can be – for America, at any rate, and it had a little nook by the window that you could curl up in. Of course, I took that spot. Other than gazing at my beloved family, this little face on the wall was my view for the night. So cute.

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